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Thank you for your interest in becoming a guest writer for LessBizy!

We love establishing new partnerships and collaborating with fellow content creators, especially in the productivity domain.

The people profiles we’re looking for

We’re seeking the following profiles to write content for us:

  • Productivity enthusiasts and/or experts
  • Current and former business leaders
  • Productivity-related product creators and brand ambassadors

The content we’re looking to publish

A key offering to our audience is the unique and high-quality content. For an article to qualify as publishable on LessBizy, the writer’s content needs to adhere to the same standard.

Article submissions must be unique, relevant, of high quality, and most importantly, they need to add value for our audience by helping improve productivity in one way or another.

For an idea of what’s relevant, simply browse our existing articles and the categories they fall under.

Note: after a writer’s article is published on LessBizy, the same article can be modified and then published on another platform. The requirement is to ensure the article is not too similar, and that the changes are significant enough to reflect a different post.

The content can promote you, your company, product or service

Just tread lightly here though! There must be clear and demonstrable value for our audience.

For example, it’s acceptable to promote a productivity app, but 90% of the content should focus on how the app helps to increase productivity. One way to achieve this is to walk through how to use the app and describe its benefits versus other apps in the same space.

It’s also acceptable to embed links in articles, permitting they’re not used excessively and causing annoyance.

Authors can have their own biographies (displayed at the end of their posts), in addition to a detailed profile page that includes a list of all published articles on LessBizy. Within both sections, authors can list the names of their companies, products, and services.

Payment and trade

Depending on the arrangement, we either pay the writer for great content (a flat fee based on word count) or trade through a reciprocal understanding and agreement (i.e. mutual benefits).

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