Mx4 Productivity Quiz – Power Score and Rank System

When a person submits their answers to the LessBizy Mx4 Productivity Quiz, a unique Power Score and Power Rank are generated.

Mx4 scoring model

The Power Score and Power Rank are derived from our proprietary Mx4 scoring model.

The table below outlines the Mx4 scoring model, with the list of Power Ranks aligned to the Power Score ranges:

Power RankPower Score Range
Intern0 – 140
Associate145 – 285
Senior Manager290 – 430
Vice President435 – 575
Chief Productivity Officer580 – 720

The productivity quiz utilizes a multiple choice format using a Likert scale. Of the 5 available answers to each question, there is a minimum score of 0 points, and a maximum score of 20 points. The selection of available answers are the same for all questions.

The table below shows the 5 available answers on the rating scale, and how the points are allocated to each answer:

Available AnswerPoints Provided
Strongly Disagree0
Strongly Agree20

Given the Mx4 Productivity Quiz contains 36 questions: the total minimum available score is 0, and the total maximum available score is 720.

For example, if the selected answer for each of the 36 questions is “Strongly Disagree“, then 36 x 0 = 0. On the other hand, if “Strongly Agree” is the selected answer for all 36 questions, then 36 x 20 = 720.

The four productivity zones

“Mx4” is defined as 4 productivity zones which all begin with the letter “M”. Each question in the quiz belongs to one of the 4 productivity zones. The list below provides the naming and grouping structure:

  • Mindset – 10 questions
  • Meetings – 8 questions
  • Messaging – 10 questions
  • Managing the Day-to Day – 8 questions

Subject to continuous improvement

Our proprietary quiz and scoring model continually evolves. While we design and implement our own new features and improvements, we love hearing from other productivity enthusiasts about what they think would make it better.

Please contact us with your feedback and ideas on how you’d like to see the Mx4 Productivity Quiz enhanced in the future!