Password manager software can seriously improve your productivity. Generally speaking, anyone that uses a smartphone or computer, has dozens (or sometimes hundreds) of accounts for online services. Equally, those many accounts have different username and password combinations to remember.

Keeping track of your passwords is difficult

Sometimes you can get lucky and use the same username and password for a handful of websites. However, there’s a fair chance one or more of those sites eventually hit you with the message “your password is about to expire, please change it”.

Oh, and it can’t be the same as the last 10 passwords you’ve entered. This is especially true if you’re juggling many accounts in a corporate role, with different systems for suppliers, customers, and internally.

Keeping track of passwords is difficult

Information and account security is highly sensitive

In today’s technological world, account security is of the utmost importance to the vast majority of “quality” online service providers. Particularly those that store your personally identifiable information (PII).

Top-tier companies have made big strides in recent years to implement more robust password policies. This is not only out of choice but also due to advances in rules and regulations issued by public authorities. They require companies to take extra care with how they manage their users’ data. Take GDPR as the most notable regulation impacting Europe.

Data thief stealing personal passwords not managed properly

All of these improvements to information security and data protection, often leave us users having to remember a lot more character, number, and symbol combinations.

Although it must be said, with significant data and online theft stories not uncommon, we need to appreciate that a strong and complex password provides Internet thieves with less chance of compromising our data.

What does a password manager tool offer?

Think of a password manager tool as a structured, well-presented, and (most importantly) secure digital notepad. It lets you seamlessly log and locate all of the credentials for your online accounts.

Until you’ve used one for a short while, it’s difficult to gauge the notable benefits. When you get going with a powerful password manager tool, there’s no looking back.

No more sifting through parts of your distant memory for long and complex passwords; no more selecting the “Forgot Password” links; no more time wasted doing either of those activities continuously.

Data privacy and protection important for companies

Password managers improve your productivity from a day-to-day work perspective, while raising the security of your online activity.

Password manager of choice: LastPass

There are various types of password manager software available from different vendors: mobile apps, browser extensions, websites, desktop applications, or a combination of those.

The password manager tool I adopted several years ago and continue to use is LastPass. Surprisingly (given all the features it has), it’s free. LastPass has premium subscription options, but most users find everything they need in the free version.

Beyond the main use case of a password manager tool, other features of LastPass include:

  • Help with creating new passwords
  • Indicating whether your passwords are strong enough
  • Logging of non-password details, such as user IDs and PIN codes
  • Auto-populating secure forms with personal information, such as credit card numbers and addresses
  • Sharing passwords with other people (if you happen to find a use case for that!)
Check out this short video for a glance at some of the core LastPass features.

LastPass is available to use via several platforms. I’ve found that the iOS app and Google Chrome desktop extension perform excellently.

Start being more productive in managing the security of your online life

Head to LastPass and check out the free version. It also includes a 30-day trial of its premium features and there’s no need to provide any credit card details.

If after 30 days you don’t wish to continue using the premium features, then your account and access will continue without them.

LastPass password manager main dashboard view

LastPass is a feature-rich password manager tool, and both the mobile app and browser extension offer a great user experience.

Once you have a handful of active usernames and passwords stored, you’ll be comfortable with its interfaces and functionality within a few days.

What do you think of password manager applications and LastPass specifically? Any other password manager tool that you’d recommend instead? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.


As the founder of LessBizy, Dean is obsessed with productivity and credits the majority of his career "wins" to maximizing it where possible. In the last 10 years, Dean has continually explored and implemented small and large changes to increase his own productivity, as well as helped teams and other individuals to do the same. Dean's background is in technology consulting, project management and operations transformation, and during the past 5 years he's held senior leadership roles for various large multi-national companies.

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