Join the Smart Workers Private Productivity Community

Searching for a workplace and personal productivity community? Look no further and join Smart Workers – a private Discord space dedicated to improving productivity!

LessBizy Smart Workers Private Productivity Community

What are the benefits of joining the “Smart Workers” productivity community?

  • Meet and chat with like-minded people around the world, who are at various stages on the journey of increasing productivity
  • Get direct support and feedback from productivity experts, consultants, business leaders, and others who know how to help having “been there, done that”
  • Join “The Stage” for live webinars and mastermind sessions led by productivity subject-matter experts – sharing challenges and how to overcome them, the latest tools and how to use them, new trends, best practices, tips, live Q&As, and interviews
  • Listen in on community conversations regarding strategies and self-improvement tactics – providing you with ideas and information to take away and put into practice
  • Receive exclusive productivity tips, ideas, hacks and software deals, shared only within the Smart Workers group, and not publicly via our website or other platforms
  • Participate in the rewards system by earning experience points, new levels and roles, based on community activity and contributions

How do I join “Smart Workers”?

We’re currently accepting new member requests directly. Simply join via the following invite link:

If you’re already a user of Discord, then you’ll be familiar with the process.

If you’re new to Discord and joining via a laptop or desktop computer:

  • Open the invite link above in any web browser
  • Register within 10 seconds by entering the following information:
    • Preferred username
    • Email address
    • Password
    • Date of birth
  • Upon registering, you’ll enter the Smart Workers community automatically

If you’re new to Discord and joining via a mobile device (e.g. iOS or Android):

  • Open the invite link above, and you’ll be redirected to download the Discord mobile app
    • Download it
  • Follow the same remaining steps as listed when joining via a laptop or desktop computer

Once you’re part of the Smart Workers community, please post a message in the 👋│new-members channel with a short explanation of what brought you here!

Why is it free to join when other communities require payment?

As we continue to establish the Smart Workers private productivity community, we’re allowing like-minded productivity enthusiasts to join for free.

This may change in the future, depending on how we continue to scale and our costs for the upkeep of our subscriptions, platforms, content and resources.

If in the future we seek to apply a small fee for access, we’ll communicate all details well in advance and there will be no surprises!

Are there any catches?

Absolutely not – no catches! You’ll not receive any spam and your personal details stay within Discord. Why do we use Discord?

The Smart Workers private productivity community is entirely focused on helping people increase productivity.